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We are happy to introduce our new ramen, which featuresn

rich and thick flavor.


$ 11


$ 12


$ 15

All RICH RAMEN contains some pork fatback and red pepper flakes..

Our History

We have operated our ramen shop since 1971. Our ramen shop started as a stall in front of Shugakuin station in Kyoto.
This is the beginning of our story.

We had been wondering what kind of ramen people are craving to eat. We have made many improvements to our ramen based on customer feedback, and now finally we have reached the GOLDEN Chicken Paitan Ramen. Today, Ichijoji, the place where we are located, is one of the famous ramen streets in Japan. About 30 ramen shops have come to Ichijoji since we opened a shop in Ichijoji, and this place is now known as a ramen battle street. We have been known as one of the best ramen shops in Ichijoji. After 40 years of operation in Ichijoji, we have decided to go abroad as a challenger. We strive to provide our customers with the best ramen, and we hope people in America enjoy our GOLDEN Chicken Paitan Ramen as much as Japanese people do.

Our Ramen

Chicken Broth - Tori Paitan

There are some cities known as a ramen mecca in Japan. Kyoto is thought to be one of them. Many famous ramen shops have been operated for many years in Kyoto, and some of restaurants evolved into chain restaurants. TENTENYU is one of the oldest ramen shops in Kyoto. Once you have tasted our broth, you will notice the difference between our broth and other broth. We simmer tons of chicken for more than 10 hours every day. We use 110lb of chicken to make only 100 bowls of ramen. We also make our broth from scratch. Chicken bones are cooked until collagen and fat create a rich broth. You can feel the thickness of the soup. We make our ramen in the same way as we do in Japan. It definitely tastes the same as ramen at the original shop in Kyoto.