About our Ramen

We simmer mostly chicken bones and feet with a little pork to compliment the savory flavor and sweetness of chicken. The broth turns out creamy, rich, light, and doesn’t give off that strong meat smell compared to Tonkotsu Ramen. This unique combination can be enjoyed by many.
We use 100lbs of chicken bones per 100 bowls of ramen. Chicken bones are rich in glutamic acid (umami component) and gelatin (collagen) and long cooking allows them to dissolve into the broth. This results in having the soup be high in collagen resulting in a very luxurious taste.
There is a place in Japan called Ichichoji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, also referred to as Ramen Battle Area or Ramen Street. It is home to a fierce competition of many ramen restaurants and Tentenyu is one of the oldest standing.

Kyoto Ramen

Many ramen restaurants originate from food stalls and work their way up to establish restaurants overseas.
People tend to think that Kyoto ramen is lightly flavored due to the impression of Kyoto cuisine. However, Kyoto ramen is actually a very rich and flavorful ramen compared to the other types of ramen in Japan.