In 1976, the mother and sister of the current owner started a food stall in a garage next to a public bath house near the Syugakukin Imperial Villa. The father was an office worker and the owner at the time was 10 years old. The name of the food stall was called Manraiken.
After a while, they received a notice from Kyoto city requiring them to operate a restaurant instead of a food stall. They then began their search for a new location for their project.
The mother-sister duo found a good place 100 meters away which was owned by a ramen restaurant called Tentenyu. They bought the building, however they did not have enough money to change the sign outside to Manraiken.
Business rapidly flourished so much that the father quit his job to help full-time in the restaurant. They even appeared in an article on the Kyoto newspaper. Plenty of customers came in thinking their restaurant was called Tentenyu because of the article and publicity so they decided to keep the name instead of Manraiken.